Blogs have revolutionised the modern web. They bring previously undreamt levels of control to non-technical publishers and allow businesses unparalleled access to the public and their customers.

The Blogshop is a digital agency built on skills and experience amassed over several decades, from professional blog writing to marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) to public relations and together, we utilise these skills to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business blogging.

Through our consultancy service, we can analyse your existing blog, research your competitors’ blogging activities and provide recommendations to further develop your business blog and extend your online reach.

Our consulting department is a team devoted to demonstrating how effective blogs can be for communicating with customers and marketing to new prospects. We can talk you through lots of examples of business and corporate blogs, as well as discuss the resources we have to help you learn more about how you can improve and develop your business blog.

Looking for a company that offers consulting on corporate and business blogging, including design, development and strategy? Consider The Blogshop’s business blogging services and contact us today.