2013As we mentioned recently, we’ve noticed more and more organisations starting to understand the benefits of business blogging.  Whilst we’re still talking regularly about blogging, we’re finding that many organisations now have the basics down and the conversations we have are more in-depth, often around how to develop a blog for a certain reason to achieve a specific goal.

In many ways, this is just a natural progression of a resource that is beneficial for business – as with many resources, things start off slow and as word spreads, so does the resource’s popularity.

But could it be that blogging itself is actually becoming a more important tool for organisations to utilise?  Word of mouth definitely helps to spread the general news about blogging and how it’s extremely beneficial, but is it also that blogging is now taking on more of a pivotal role in an organisation’s success than ever before?

At The Blogshop, we certainly believe this is the case.

Up until now, we’ve always promoted business blogging as a way to engage with your target audience.  We’ve continually explained that it has a variety of other benefits and can impact on other business strategies that you have in place, but that its primary focus needs to be on the communication with your past, present and potential customers.

Over the past few months, however, we’ve noticed a trend with the by-products of regular business blogging, most notably that they’re increasing in their significance more and more.

Take SEO as an example.  We’ve always known that blogging has impacted on it positively, but in recent times we’ve seen the results be particularly positive.  Websites jumping up in the rankings several pages at a time for various keywords.  Brands being found for more and more keywords than ever before, even those that they aren’t directly targeting.  It has all happened in the past to a certain extent, but lately the results have been magnified considerably.

We’ve then got to look at the fact that the customer experience is playing a more important role in the success of all organisations than ever before.  As consumers, we want organisations to engage with us regularly and we want to be able to easily find out information on a certain product or service.  We want to know more about the organisation than ever before.

And the perfect way to do this from the organisation’s point of view?  Blogging.

We’re always going to be huge advocates of blogging, if not purely for the fact that it is one of the best company-customer communication tools out there.  However, with an increasing amount of information indicating that blogging is affecting other business areas more than ever, it’s leading us to believe that as great as business blogging has been in the past, it could very easily be more important than ever in 2013.

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