Winner's PodiumIt doesn’t matter what purpose you use blogging for – it’s going to be beneficial to your organisation’s success.  Simply using it as a way to speak to your target audience regularly could do wonders for brand awareness and you’re overall reputation.

But with a lot of the clients we work with, there’s a specific goal in mind.  They understand the versatility of blogging and want to use it for a certain purpose – as a sales channel to increase the amount of products they sell or as a marketing tool to make a new service’s launch more effective, for example.

However, one of the most common reasons for having a blogging strategy developed and implemented is for  search engine optimisation (SEO).

And when we talk about all of the possibilities of blogging, it’s easy to see why it can be so beneficial to SEO.  Although we never say blogging should lead a SEO strategy, it’s essentially the perfect tool to supplement all activity within it.

Whilst there are a number of ways blogging can benefit SEO, there’s one single reason why it’s such a fantastic resource for use within a strategy.

And that’s because it’s natural.

One of the key reasons SEO strategies fail is because they’re forced.  People try to ‘cheat’ the search engines’ algorithms.  They research how the search engines rank websites and then put together a strategy that harnesses the strong points and takes advantage of the weak ones.

But the problem here is that the search engine algorithms are continually changing.  Therefore, what works today is unlikely to work in the long run (or even in a couple of weeks time).  The use of backlinks showed this recently, as developing a SEO strategy based almost purely on the gathering of backlinks helped to increase your ranking position – but people were going for quantity rather than quality and as soon as the search engines changed their algorithm to take this into account (and effectively closed this ‘loophole’), those websites built on a SEO strategy around backlinking fell in the rankings considerably.

If there’s one thing you can guarantee is never going to change, however, it’s the delivering of high quality content.  That’s what the internet was essentially setup for and what it’s always going to be about.  Whether people want product or service information or simply to find out the answer to a general question, the websites providing the highest quality information are going to be the ones who become the most prominent and see the most success.

And the simple fact is, a business blog is the perfect way to deliver high quality content to your past, present and potential customers, making it one of the most valuable SEO tools you can utilise.

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