With Christmas fast approaching and many offices closing for a few days, we automatically start to think how quick the past 12 months have gone.

Baubles On A Christmas TreeIt really does only seem like yesterday that we were coming back to work after particularly enjoyable New Year’s Eve celebrations, getting ready for the year ahead – and now we’re at the point that we’re preparing for next year!

Looking back on the year, there’s little doubt that it has been a great one here at The Blogshop. In fact, we’d probably say it has been an absolutely fantastic one!

From the moment we stepped back into our offices after Christmas and New Year 2011 right up until this week, it has been an almost continuous journey of development, growth, customer satisfaction and best of all, successful business blogging strategies for each and every one of our clients.

Working with a vast array of different clients thought the year, we had the opportunity to deliver strategies with everyone from multi-national brands through to SMEs, each and every time tailoring our business blogging services to suit.

Understanding the importance of developing and implementing a blogging strategy that is truly going to integrate with our clients’ audiences, the initial stages are without doubt exciting as you get to see the project coming together before it launches – but it’s the results that are obviously the most important points!

And if there’s one thing we’ve noticed in particular when it comes to results, it’s that the SEO benefits are greater than ever before.

Content is a key component to any successful SEO strategy and although we’ve always known blogging can be the perfect way to deliver it, it’s only in 2012 that we’ve noticed just how beneficial it can be. It has been to the extent that some of our clients are jumping pages at a time for terms they didn’t even think would be possible to rank for, never mind rank for via a process that only considers SEO to be a positive by-product.

A wonderful year for all involved, we really can’t wait for 2013 to being. Organisations have really started to understand the importance of regular business blogging and coupled with the improved SEO points above, we’re expecting another busy year, if not the busiest yet – and we really can’t wait.

Thank you to everyone we’ve worked and engaged with right throughout 2012, Merry Christmas and we hope you all have a fantastic 2013.

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