Red And Green FireworkIf there’s one thing that we’ve learnt from 2012, it’s that organisations are starting to truly understand the importance of blogging.

Having been a platform that’s been in use for well over a decade now, some organisations have been using blogs as a way to communicate with their audience for several years.  Whilst the whole process was gradually picking up speed, it wasn’t until 2012 – or more specifically, the latter part of 2012 – that we started to realise the penny was dropping with more organisations than ever before.

We were finding that as we were getting busier and busier, delivering our business blogging services to more and more organisations, we were needing to educate clients less.  We obviously still talked about the benefits of blogging and the organisation’s expectations, so to develop and implement the most suitable strategy possible, but rather than being asked questions such as “OK…so tell me again, what exactly is blogging?”, we were hearing more of “How can I develop a blog and turn it into a sales platform?”.

Yet as fantastic as this is and as much as we feel confident that this upward trend of business blogging becoming an increasingly popular resource for businesses to use is going to continue in 2013, we also know that there’s still a huge number of organisations who haven’t yet started blogging – or even considered it.

And it’s for this reason why we want to make our first blog post of the year one that asks you to take a look at blogging a little further.

Read through our blog and you’ll find blog post after blog post telling you about the benefits of business blogging.  There’s information about how versatile it is, how it can benefit everything from marketing through to SEO, how the results are long-lasting, how cost-effective of a tool it can be and so, so much more.

We’re passionate about blogging.  It’s what we know, what we do and what we ensure is a complete and utter success for each and every one of our clients.

And simply put, we want you to be able to benefit from it, too.

Whilst many organisations are beginning to understand the benefits of business blogging fully, we know that so many others aren’t.  Therefore, if you’ve got a question, just get in touch.  Or try out our free trial, which allows you to see just what you can expect to achieve through blogging, as well as what you’ll receive from The Blogshop.

Or better still, do both!

We really do ensure our clients’ business blogging strategies are as successful as they can possibly be and truly believe that every organisation can benefit from blogging – and if you haven’t utilised blogging for your business to date, 2013 should definitely be the year that you start.

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